Our products

As an events company, we share with you products that help you sell your products.

  • Event Program & Management Solutions Depending on the nature of our client's product and services, we customise an agenda of appropriate programs that guarantees appeal to your audience, creating a phenomenal and memorable event experience. We have lined up huge list of entertainment programs range from Model Shows, Disc Jockey Challenge, Live Band, Hip-hop Dance Performance, Lucky Draws, Karaoke Competitions, Dance Parties, Product Bidding, Magic Shows, Conferences, etc...

  • Customised Performance Stages & BannersIt is imperative to draw the focus of your audience to the stage area-where your products will be showcased. Custom designed performance stages and banners equipped with lights and sound is the first step to attract potential customer groups. Coupled with an addicting list of performance, your brand will well marketed, leaving a memorable experience.

  • Brand Marketing & Advertising Business services and product owners frequently seek strategies to market and advertise them. Our goal is to assist you in marketing them more professionally through techniques such as logo design, brochure/package designs, banner printing. Apart from asthetic appeals, we also focus greatly on the communications aspects. Our team of marketing & sales guys helps in reaching your products out to their intended customer, showcasing your products and why they should use it, sparking interests and attentions.

  • Experienced Get-The-Crowd-Going PerformersAfter marketing and drawing the attention of potential customers towards your products, the next essential step is to lenghten their attention span through the deployment of experienced performers utilising audience engaging techniques as a surefire way to leave an outstanding impression, throughout the whole duration of your show.

  • Rental of Chairs & TablesSubjecting to different event environment and venues, tables and chairs provide a level of comfort while viewing your show. Stragetic placement of chairs with the viscinity of the stage ensures ideal viewing pleasure and greatly improves the overal experience.